How much can I earn?

Earnings will very much depend on the rebate rate of your broker, the instruments your trade as well as the volume of your trades.
Use the calculator below to roughly estimate your earnings.

Just as an example, with only 20 trades per day (0.1 lot size) and a rebate level of 0.5 pips, you could be making a monthly profit of $210 or a yearly profit of $2,520!

Tickmill Tickmill

Rebate Rate

Up to 9 USD per lot! لغاية 9 دولار لكل لوت

ICmarkets ICmarkets

Rebate Rate

Please contact us! يرجى التواصل معنا

Exness Exness

Rebate Rate

Please contact us


Rebate Rate

Up to 10 USD per 1 lot! لغاية 10 دولار لكل لوت